Friday, January 23, 2009

Week in Review

This week has been kind of busy and that is why I haven't been blogging much. I don't think any of the kids updated their blogs this week either now that I think about it.

We didn't have any of the 2 year old come on Monday because their parents were all off of work for the MLK holiday. We just worked on things around the house.

Tuesday of course was exciting! It was actually snowing here! We don't get that very often so I let the kids go outside and play in it while it lasted so we started school late. Our topic of the day was Presidents & inauguration ceremonies. We watched the 44th Presidential Inauguration and had some worksheets that went along with it.

Wednesday, my husband called to let me know that his father was going to have a triple bypass surgery...that was a little shocking. I wanted to go to the hospital to sit with my mother in law but I had a new little girl start that day so I just waited by the phone. They didn't start the surgery until later that evening so I took the kids to church and William went to the hospital. He called me around 11:30PM to let me know that his dad was out of surgery & that he was going to come home after he visited with him awhile. I think he got home around 1:30 AM....I am not sure, I was snoozing!

Thursday we had our stay at home and do nothing night. I love doing that sometimes! We had no set agenda, no place to be....I went to bed! LOL

Today is Alex's 12th birthday so we are going out tonight. He wants to go bowling and go to Bass Pro. We are going to visit Paw Paw first. He is doing well and hopefully will get moved into a regular room so we don't have a set time to visit.

That is all for now. Have a great week!
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J-Mom said...

Yes, that was a very busy week!
Hope your FIL is okay.

Maybe this week will be a little slower.