Sunday, September 13, 2009

Share the Savings

Here is my "stockpile" of dental products. These items are always on sale and there are coupons for them frequently so you can get them for free or for less than $.50 each. Do I need this much toothpaste or this many toothbrushes at my house? Of course not! What can I do with them? Give them to a charity! Think about an organization that can use these items and donate them.
There is more to saving money with coupons than just getting stuff for yourself. Stock up on items to give away. You will be blessed tremendously by sharing your savings with those in need!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Experimenting with Copper

Today we began working in our Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science book. I mainly wanted to use this book with the older two but wanted to include our 4th grader somehow and was happy to find a unit study online that used the curriculum and made it for younger children.

Today they were introduced to atoms and molecules and had the opportunity to do an experiement. They took a glass of water and added baking soda to it. Then had to connect copper wires to a battery and put the other end in the water. It made bubbles and caused one of the wires to turn know which one, you'll have to do it yourself!

We are using the lab reports and other resources from Here are some pictures from our science experiment today!

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Medieval Paris and Eye Anatomy

We are really enjoying our schooling through scrapbooking this year. Last week we finished The Apple and the Arrow using the lessons from Homeschool Share. I love being able to teach all three levels of my students using the same subjects and just adjusting the materials to their needs!

Today we began a new book & are still in the Medieval Times...I am really enjoying this time period! This time we are in Paris. We are able to take this trip back in time by reading Marguerite Makes a Book. Again, our lesson ideas mainly come from Homeschool Share but I am adding things that I find to tie in as well.

This morning, after we read Chapter 1, we pulled out the globe and our atlas and found France. They had to find it on a black and white outline map and color it in. They also looked up facts about France and made a sample flag.

My favorite part of this lesson was the study of the eye! They had to learn the parts of the eye and label them and we found a cool website that you can do a virtual dissection of the human eye. This helped them learn the parts quickly! The next website was one that was listed in the lesson plans for our book and it was so amazing! You can watch an actual dissection of a cow eye! My kids are a little more squeamish that I thought! They kept screaming and turning away from the screen. I thought it was pretty cool myself! Watch the Cow Eye Dissection and see for yourself.

For lunch, I made English Muffin Pizzas and my daughter said "I know why you made these. They look like eyeballs" Hmmm...I hadn't thought of that. Sure! I am THAT good! HA HA.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Learning To Fly

I just finished reading this book by Roxanne Henke and just had to share it with you! If you are a mother or ever plan on being one, you MUST read this book! It takes you through the journey of parenting...particularly girls.

Mainly about two families who have daughters that are the same age. You get to share in the joys and sadness of mothering in infancy all the way through college. As a mother of a high school freshman this year, this book made me reminisce about the lives of my children. Read about how, as in real life, sometimes friendships grow apart because of the different lifestyles that people live. How many times, the friendships our children have affect our own friendships. It made me think about my parenting I a good mother? I hope so. There are no perfect mothers, we all know that! With God's help, we CAN get through this!

Although fiction, this book was packed full of wonderful parenting tips and advice that I hope to use.

I borrowed the only copy in the Memphis Library system so if you live in the area, it will be back on the shelves tomorrow but if not, you can get a copy of Learning to Fly from Amazon.

I will definitely be looking for more to read from Roxanne Henke!
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