Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Medieval Paris and Eye Anatomy

We are really enjoying our schooling through scrapbooking this year. Last week we finished The Apple and the Arrow using the lessons from Homeschool Share. I love being able to teach all three levels of my students using the same subjects and just adjusting the materials to their needs!

Today we began a new book & are still in the Medieval Times...I am really enjoying this time period! This time we are in Paris. We are able to take this trip back in time by reading Marguerite Makes a Book. Again, our lesson ideas mainly come from Homeschool Share but I am adding things that I find to tie in as well.

This morning, after we read Chapter 1, we pulled out the globe and our atlas and found France. They had to find it on a black and white outline map and color it in. They also looked up facts about France and made a sample flag.

My favorite part of this lesson was the study of the eye! They had to learn the parts of the eye and label them and we found a cool website that you can do a virtual dissection of the human eye. This helped them learn the parts quickly! The next website was one that was listed in the lesson plans for our book and it was so amazing! You can watch an actual dissection of a cow eye! My kids are a little more squeamish that I thought! They kept screaming and turning away from the screen. I thought it was pretty cool myself! Watch the Cow Eye Dissection and see for yourself.

For lunch, I made English Muffin Pizzas and my daughter said "I know why you made these. They look like eyeballs" Hmmm...I hadn't thought of that. Sure! I am THAT good! HA HA.

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The Howard 5 said...

English Muffin pizza's are my favorite!!! We just had them Saturday for lunch!