Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too cold for the chickens

It is so cold here that we actually had to bring the chickens in tonight! The current temp is 13! William discovered that 2 of his new chickens didn't survive the cold so he brought the rest of them in for the night. These 2 are in a cage now but when they first came in, he just let them roam freely in the playroom in front of a space heater so they could thaw out. Normally when you thaw out chicken, you just set it in the fridge or in water for awhile! LOL
I sure hope it warms up again soon so we can put these birds back outside! They haven't even given me any eggs this week and now they are getting to sleep in the house. I better get lots of eggs next week!!! LOL
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The Howard 5 said...

ha. maybe they will pop them out now that they are warm and cozy! My car got booted outside so they dogs could stay in the carport with a heather, but atleast my doggies were warm and cozy!

The Howard 5 said...

maybe now that they are warm and cozy they will start popping them out!

Becky said...

never thought of weather being too cold for chickens. Boy, I think of just myself! LOL.. Hope you get double the eggs next week.

J-Mom said...

Looks like the warmth is coming back, so you don't have to share the inside with the chickens.