Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mighty fine day

Wow! It has been a great day! The kids zoomed through their school work today and did well on their assignments....Amy made a 100 on her spelling test! Yay!
Andrew updated his blog today but Amy and Alex didn't want to. Alex needs to do something soon...his blog has nothing on it. I think he needs a topic so I may give him one tomorrow if he doesn't come up with something.
During quiet time, I listened to one of the workshops from The Ultimate Homeschool Expo. It was of Cindy Rushton talking about copywork. We have recently started doing copywork. I never thought about it before but it has been a great addition to our lessons. While I was listening to it, I made some copy work sheets for the kids to use tomorrow. I also sent some pictures of our pastor's youngest son in for their "Farewell Sunday" slideshow. They are moving to Oklahoma to pastor a church there. I am excited for them and can't wait to see how God uses them. We are going to miss them terribly but know that God has a wonderful plan.
Believe it or not, I am working on our VBS for June. That may seem like a long way off but it will be here quickly! We will be doing "Studio Go!" from Standard Publishing and I have to get volunteers and supplies ready. Oh, in other exciting news, I am now the local sales rep for a cookie dough fundraising company. Little Lambs has wonderful pre-formed cookie dough that organizations can sell and earn cash for! I will be setting up fundraisers with groups in the area and helping my family earn money too. This is a God send because we really needed that extra income! If you are involved in an organization that would like more information, let me know and I will email you some info.
Thanks for stopping by today. Be blessed and happy in all you do!!
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J-Mom said...

I lucked out, our first/basic curriculum has a ton of copy work.

Thanks for the heads up with the cookie dough thing. Hmmm...wonder if I could do a fund raiser for a vacation ummm I mean school trip.