Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Sunday of 2009

We had our first Sunday service of 2009 and although the attendance was a little lower than normal, it was wonderful.

In Sunday school, we talked about how we can help use our talents to solve problems in the world. Remember now, I teach 5th & 6th grade girls. They had to come up with a "slogan" to help start change. It was interesting to see the things that they came up with. We talked about how even at their age, they have talents from God to use to make changes in the world. We also talked about what the Bible says about being a leader and how you have to serve to be a leader. They didn't quite understand what that meant until I explained to them that Pastor Troy is a leader but he wouldn't be unless he was serving them by doing all he does. Their faces just lit up when they talked about how much time he puts into children's ministry. It is always amazing to see these girls growing in the Lord.

In City Lights (our Children's service), they started a new series called "Ready, Set, Grow" and it is about the Fruits of The Spirit. I didn't get to see much of it because I was at the sign in/welcome area but I heard some of it. The City Lights team does a great job of presenting the message so that kids "get it". I look at these little people and think that in a few years, they will be the ones that are teaching, preaching and sharing the Gospel! The time will go by SO fast and I am so blessed and honored to be a part of what God has planned for them!

Thanks for stopping by to visit today and reading about my day. Tomorrow we start school again after having a 2 week break so be sure to check back in to see how it goes!
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