Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Define "Good Day"

What makes a day good? Is it that everything goes perfectly as planned? If that were the case, I would never have a good day because there are always little hiccups in my schedule and I try to just go with the flow....which is something I have learned how to do over the years.

As I got into bed tonight, I was thinking about my day. It was good. What made it good? Did my children act lovingly to one another all day? Heavens no! They bickered a lot today. Is my house perfectly clean?! Did I get everything done that I wanted to today? Nope. So why do I think it was a good day? Because I am just reflecting on the events of today and just feel so completely blessed. We had snow today and the children played in it for awhile. They cleaned the playroom without being told to. Normally on Wednesday nights we are rushing out the door @ 5 to get to Taekwondo before church but tonight there was no service due to the snow so we just stayed home and relaxed. Andrew asked Daddy to play Chutes & Ladders with him and he did. Watching them play was just so sweet. The TV was off. There was a fire burning in the fireplace and it was just them. Now I am lying in bed about to curl up with a good book and just wanted to share my thoughts with you. Things may not have been perfect today but all in all, it was a pretty good day. I look forward to many more of these kind of days!
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