Friday, January 23, 2009

Saving Money!!

Ok, it is official.....I am turning into one of "those people" LOL You know, the ones who are in front of you at the grocery store and have every ad for all of the stores in the area and a bucket load of coupons. You ALWAYS get behind on of them don't you?! And they take FOREVER! Well, I AM starting to see WHY they do it! Have you seen the economy? Hello! It is time to take some coupons in hand and work on saving some money for your family. This week I have picked up a lot of great ideas from my mom, my friends at the over night crop I went to and from surfing the net. There are so many ways to save money and I am gonna try it! The first site that I would like to recommend is one that allows you to load money saving coupons onto your shopping card (for my area, it is Kroger). Simply go to ShortCuts with your shopper's card in hand. Register your card and start adding savings! It is SIMPLE!! If you don't have a shopper's card, GET ONE! You really do save money using them. Yes, they are tracking your purchases but who cares. They use it for market research and the best part is, that they will mail you coupons occasionally on items that you actually use. I get a packet every few months that has coupons for things like $9 off entire order over $90....well, I am feeding a family of 5 plus have a home daycare, of course I can spend $90 in one shopping trip! The next site you need to visit is P&G eSaver. It is the same type of thing. You add e-coupons to your Kroger card on various P&G brand items.... every little bit helps! The next places that I recommend are sites where you can print coupons right from your computer. I went to Coupon Mom and Cool Savings and printed a few but also downloaded the Coupon toolbar and printed some there. My favorite find of the day was this site.... Stretching a Buck. I came across this post where she was teaching people about organizing your coupons and it was exactly what I needed! For you see, I am notorious for cutting out coupons and leaving them at home or putting them into my little coupon caddy and forget about them....only seeing them again when I clean it out and they have expired. When I had a vision in my mind yesterday about how I wanted to do my coupons, this was it! I am so happy that I found her! There are other great sites out there I am sure so if you happen to know of one, please share! I am going to keep track of all of my savings this year to see what a difference this makes. Have a great day! Go save some money!!
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Sonja said...

Girl you are so right! I budgeted a certqin amount for groceries every 2 weeks, but with 2 teenagers I go way over! I have to do whatever I can. I did sign up for the $1 trial period at the grocery game. Hopefully that will help. I love coming home and saying, "I saved $65 at the store today! ºÜº

Alyssa @KeepingtheKingdomFirst said...

Thank you so much for adding my button to your blog!

I am a convert just like you. I used to think couponing was not worth the extra time and effort.

I hope you have lots of saving success in 2009!