Thursday, January 8, 2009

Healthy & Frugal Meals

I really try to feed my family healthy meals. Yes, sometimes we eat things that we probably shouldn't but for the most part, we do fairly well. I have discovered that my kids prefer homemade chicken nuggets and burritos over the frozen kinds. It makes me very proud for a few reasons.

First of all, it is more economical to make them ourselves. I can buy a pack of boneless chicken breasts and put my own breading and seasoning on them for a whole lot less than buying them already prepared. The same goes for the burritos and the ones I make are bigger than the frozen kind.

Secondly, they are healthier. I don't add all of those preservatives and fillers that are in the prepared foods. For our burritos, we use the whole wheat tortilla shells and the kids LOVE them! For our chicken tenders, I use whole wheat cracker crumbs for the breading.

Lastly, it just makes me feel good when my kids say that their meal tasted good. I receive more praise for my cooking when I do it myself. That may not mean much to some moms but to me, it is special. I love to cook. It is like an artist who hears how great his piece of art is. Cooking is my "art".

Some of my favorite places to get recipes are:

Christy's Once A Month Cooking Recipes
Dottie's Weight Loss Zone
Rachael Ray
Saving Dinner

Please feel free to share links to your favorite recipes. I am always looking for new things to try!

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Becky said...

Hey. What do you use for your nugget breading? Maybe I oughtta do that.

J-Mom said...

That cracks me up that you talked all about homemade chicken nuggets, and that's what I had decided for supper without even stopping by here. I think and get a lot of use in my house and a plain google searches.

Christie Jarvis said...

I actually think the recipe that I use for my chicken nuggets is from allrecipes or cooks.... I don't remember. It is so easy that I don't even look at it.
I just take chicken breast and cut it into chunks. Crush crackers, bread crumbs, pretzels or whatever I happen to have handy and add freshly grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and shake the chicken up to get a good coat, put the chicken in a pan, spray it with oven spray & pop it in the oven. The kids LOVE them!!

LizardTales said...

hey girlie~~
I love your blog by the way!!!!

Diana said...

Do you make a triple batch and freeze two? The burrittos and chicken nuggets both will frezze well. When I find eggs on Manager's Special I buy them and torilla shells to make breakfast burrittos. I freeze them. I wrap each with wax paper then put them in a labeled ziplock bag. I make egg & cheese; bacon, egg & cheese; and sausage, egg & cheese. The kids warm them for about 30 - 45 sec. Quick and easy breakfast!