Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grocery Shopping is FUN!

Here are my groceries for this week. The only meat that I had to buy this week was turkey burger patties. Yes, I know that I could have just made my own patties and saved some more money but I didn't want to this week.
I got everything you see here for $67.28. The price before coupons was $108.....I am happy :) My family will be happy as well.

Some people have asked me about my lack of meat purchases. I have a freezer that has a nice supply of deer. Another way that I save $ is that I have chickens that we get eggs from.....well, at least most of the time! It made me sick to have to pay for eggs awhile back when they had a little slow down but they are laying again so we have fresh eggs :)
Have a great week everyone! Go save some money!!

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