Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go Tigers Go!

I am going to attempt to post this again. For some reason my mobile posts have not been posting so everything that I have wanted to share with you is lost in neverland.
So....my mom and I went to see the Tigers play Saturday and I LOVED it! I don't ever want to miss another home game again. It is the whole experience of smelling the popcorn, hearing the crowd, seeing the activity all around....oh wow! I had the best time! My mom's friend has season tickets and were not able to make it to the game so she gave them to my mom.
This Thursday, the Tigers play in the C-USA tournament.....I wanna go! I am not gonna be able to though because I have a meeting that night. Oh well....they will still play well! Go Tigers Go!!
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Becky said...

hey. if you have time to go again, and need someone to go with. let me know. I've always wanted to go to a Tigers game, but never been able to.