Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FREE Movies from Red Box

I have seen the RedBox kiosks at Walgreens and McDonald's but never really paid attention to them until my friend Alyssa of blogged about it this week. I read her blog post ( and decided to check on this whole FREE movie thing....I went to and signed up so that I can reserve movies at a location convenient to me. It works out well because there is a RedBox at the Walgreen's near my church so after church, we picked up our movies....oh yeah! I got 1 free movie as a new member and 1 because they are doing free movies on Wednesdays in March.
I borrowed Sunday School Musical and will take it to Manna tomorrow so the school age kids can watch it while they wait for their parents.
Thanks Alyssa for sharing these great FREEBIES and teaching us all how to save money!
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