Sunday, April 5, 2009

Andrew's DSi

Andrew has wanted a DS for awhile and on his birthday, he put a deposit down to get the new DSi when they came out. Last week in children's church, the children's pastor announced a contest to bring the most visitors. Andrew has been making his list all week of who he wanted to bring so they he could win the DSi. We had 3 kids spend the night and 2 others came to church with their parents. He had 5 visitors all together and he was the winner! When Pastor Troy announced the winner, William and I were both there to see the excitement in his face. It was priceless!! He was so happy.
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Anonymous said...

that is so cool!!!!
i got my dsi today (june 11,09)
and i was shocked!!!!!
i was speachless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and know that i have the dream i always wanted i said to myself "know that i got the dsi i will never charge it and i will never turn it off!!!!!!