Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royal Rangers RAW

This morning my husband and our sons left for Ranger Adventure Week (RAW). They will get to swim, hike, have paintball wars, experience the "redneck water slide" PLUS hear the Word of God and get to praise and worship with the music from our friends' band Prayer Warriors.

The guys in my house really love Royal Rangers because they get to do "guy stuff" and grow their relationship with God at the same time. Let your boys be boys! That is how God designed them and the Royal Rangers program allows them to do so and helps them to learn great skills to go far in life. I encourage you to find a Royal Rangers program in your area. If you live in Tennessee, you can visit the TN Boys Ministry Website and find an outpost.

I hope that William, Alex, Andrew and ALL of the boys at RAW have a great weekend!

About 15 minutes after I posted this, I received a phone call from Karla Collum of the Prayer Warriors band. She was calling to check on my husband because they had just seen him pulled over on the interstate and went to see if they were ok but they were already pulling back onto the road. I called William to see what happend. He told me that they had a flat on the trailer and were about to get a new one in Jackson. Thank God that William knows how to handle trailers and for friends that care enough to check to see if you are ok. They are even waiting around in Jackson to make sure they get back on the road ok. Isn't that awesome?! Keep praying people! This is gonna be an amazing weekend for everyone involved!
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