Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comfortable Chairs

I recently found out that my freshman English teacher is retiring. Sister Dichtel was known for her "comfortable chairs" in her classroom. She had these bean bags and other soft chairs around the classroom that we would be allowed to sit in to read our assigned book IF we finished our vocabulary and journal writing quietly. Well, I had a problem with the "Quietly" part. For you see, I liked to talk. I would often be told "Mrs. Miller, NO comfortable chair!" How sad for me. Of the stories that I have told my children about my time in high school, they definitely remember hearing about Sister Dichtel's class. Just in case any of my fellow classmates are interested, I wanted to post this information that I received...

~Memphis Catholic High School will host a retirement reception for Sister Dichtel on Sunday, August 23rd from 2-5pm to celebrate her numerous years of teaching and service to the Catholic Diocese of Memphis. The school invites all her friends, family, former students, and others in the community to join us and honor a person who has impacted the lives of so many throughout her years of service. If you plan to attend the reception or wish to assist in its planning please contact Dani Ray Barton at 276- 1221, ext 22 or so we can get an appropriate head count of attendees and can best prepare for the afternoon’s festivities.~

I will try to make it the reception but if I don't, will someone please tell Sister Dichtel that I still love to read and I do it in my comfortable chair...quietly :) Thanks for your MANY years of service Sister D!
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