Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas Carol Train Tour

We went to the train station and stood in line for almost 2 hours to get on the train. It was hot! Occasionally we would get a little breeze so that helped out and they also had water coolers for people to stay hydrated and misting fans to help people cool off a little. Here is a picture of my youngest standing by the train.
They made everyone leave their strollers before going over to the final lane of the line and I was a little nervous about letting little Miss D free but she actually did well! Amy and I were able to keep the 2 year old, the two 6 year olds and the 9 year old all together and through the train with very little problem. The kids LOVED it! They had costumes from the movie and snippets of the movie playing throughout the train. This picture is of a model of the room where the characters did their acting. They showed us how they use sensors to show what part of the body is moving so that it looks natural on the movie.
And this is the kids playing a trivia game about The Christmas Carol on the touch screen computer. Since we read The Christmas Carol last December, they knew a lot of the answers.
Their favorite part was the face morphing where they were able to get their picture made and the computer morphed their face into one of the characters. It was funny! They had it set up so that we entered my email address and the pictures will be emailed to us soon from! How cool is that?!?

This picture is at the end of the train tour. They had a Christmas dinner set up so you could have your picture group was too large to see the food! LOL

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