Wednesday, February 25, 2009's ONLY Wednesday!

This has been a LONG week and it is only half way over. Oh wow.

Monday was my youngest child's birthday. He is now 9....just 9 more years and I am done!! Yeah right! LOL Anyway, since he and middle child's birthdays are only 1 month apart, I usually make their well child check up appointments in February so I can get them both done at once. So bright and early Monday morning, we went to the Dr. They were both healthy and good. Everything was going well.

We left there and went to the bank, grocery store & gas station and then my sister called....she needed me to pick up her 13 year old daughter from school because she wasn't feeling well. We made a quick visit to Game Stop so birthday boy could spend his money and then headed to the school.

After we dropped my sick niece off at home, we came home and had lunch. I was still feeling blah from the sinus problem/cold that I have been dealing with so decided to take a nap. I slept about an hour and then got up and listened to youngest child (AKA birthday boy) whine about how horrible his life was while his siblings went outside. In walks oldest child announcing that her brother (middle child) had just cut his hand. I turn away from birthday boy to check the damage....WHOA! Call daddy and tell him that we are heading to the ER. The child had sliced his thumb in half! Ok, not really, but it was pretty bad. He ended up getting 13 stitches and 2 of those are actually through the thumb nail. It is pretty gross! I have to say though that the PA @ Baptist Tipton was amazing! Her name is Stephanie Miller and she did a great job with him.

On to Tuesday.....I am still feeling blah and do not really want to do anything but get the kids through school. While the little girls I watch are napping, I tried to rest on the couch. Didn't really happen. By the time they go home, I just want to hide in my room. While fixing dinner, I actually told my kids that I didn't want to talk or listen to anyone and to please let me cook in peace....they did! After dinner, I retreated to my room and watched TV.

Today is Wednesday.....I started the day by putting on the armour. I figured if the other 2 days had already been so bad, I better equip myself a little better! I kept a stinking sinus headache ALL day long! No matter what I took, how many times I did the saline wash or what I did, my head hurt! By 5, I knew that I would not be going to church because it was developing into a migraine.....oh boy!
Now I am in bed trying to rest and hoping that tomorrow will be better. Please pray for me!
I know this was long but I hope you enjoyed hearing about my troubled week. Don't worry though, I am climbing out of that valley and gonna be on top of the mountain before ya know it!! Greater things are yet to come!!
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SiouxGeonz said...

I hope your night was blessed enough that nobody had to say "bless you!" in the morning because you didn't sneeze :)
Happy Thursday! A.K.A. "Little Friday" ...