Friday, February 6, 2009

Listen to this & win a Sound Bingo Game!

This week, we took part in the Say What You Mean Convention and were completely blessed!
Wednesday was "Kids Day" and the sessions were all geared to the children. JoJo Tabares did a "Listening Seminar" where she taught the kids the importance of listening and not just hearing. She also played a game with them called the "Name that Sound Game" where her son played a sound and the kids had to say what it was. Amy was listening on the computer so she had to type her answers in. Alex was listening on the phone and could shout his response. They both did very well but Alex guess more than she did and he won the game! The prizes are great!

The convention is over now but you can still listen to the sessions because they were recorded. Simply go to the Say What You Mean Conference on Talk Shoe and click on the topic that interests you.

I know that I use a LOT of "play things" to teach my children. One of my online names is PlayToLearnHome because I truly believe that children learn best through play. I have seen the results! So, I want to have a little contest and give away a "Sound Bingo" game. This is a fun little game that is from Do-Re-Me & You/Discovery Toys. My kids love it!

Here is how you can win:

1) Post a comment to this blog post about "Learning Through Play".

2) Write a blog post about this contest on your blog and link it to this one.

3) Update your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc status to tell your friends to visit here too! If I am your "friend" on these sites, I will see the update. If not, you can either add me or send me an email with the screen shot.

There ya go! I will draw a name on Friday the 13th.

Good luck!
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J-Mom said...

I remember when my youngest was a baby (now almost 10) and I heard, the quote play to learn---I fell in love with that idea and embraced it. Now as the kids are older and each have their own ways of learning, I believe they still learn through play, it's sometimes more challenging to figure out how to work in the "play".

My youngest, 3, is a bit slower with his speech and I know when we play games that work with his speech he has more fun and progress than when we just sit down and go over the sound sheets.

Bonnie Nutzell said...

I help out with Joseph's class once a week. The children can't wait for my day to come because we always play games (they are learning) I take my favorite Discovery toys (games) and I just love watching as the little minds turn. So fun.
Discovery Toys new tag line says it all

teach play inspire!
WOW three little words but so true.
Visit my website for more
Bonnie Nutzell

J-Mom said...

I linked ya!